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25 hours in, I'm addicted to Splatoon 2's Salmon Run! Tips below!

As mentioned in previous post, I love Splatoon. Played it to death.

When Splatoon 2 came out, I played it the second I received it, loving everything about it.

Then, several hours into the night, I (we) got a call to do a part-time job from some dude named Grizzo to harness some golden eggs.

Enter Salmon Run.

And, once I started playing, I never looked back. I played the HELL out of Salmon Run for over 20 hours the first couple of day, knowing the limited time we had to play it. And I will say this: I am not sure I have had this much fun in gaming for many years. Playing Salmon Run is fun, magical, additive chaotic madness.

I am not going to describe the rules of the game. That you can learn by simply playing it or looking at youtube video in previous post.

I will say that most everything is perfect about the game. Some complain that changing out the weapons, randomly giving to each player each round is crazy, unfair. I love it. It forces you to use and learn weapons you never would have used and, teaches you to not only play offensive, but teaching you to be supportive and defensive, that is, painting common work areas with say, a roller, helping other players who have more powerful weapons to kill enemies.

A large weapon set also gives each map so many different ways of playing each map. Let's say over 50 weapons make the rotation, well, you do the math.

When a team works together, it's like ballet: beautiful, synchronized game play where, if you keep your head in the game, you will win. However, if you dont use the weapon given to you wisely, if you futz around without thinking, your ineptness can bring the entire team down.

I love this mode so much I cannot wait until the next session hits! I will get up early in the morning just to play this amazing mode!

(also, lovers of the game, do not be upset Salmon Run not running 24/7. Splatoon 2 creators have acknowledged they are in a test and adjust period with the mode, how it inter-relates to the other modes; give the developers time to fine-tune, tweak this. Soon, you will have your 24/7 Salmon Run. Well, you do have it in co-op mode)

Here are the quick tips I promised. Some are advanced tips that you get deeper into the game:

a) Personally, I feel finishing the round with the necessary quota and at least one player standing (in order to move onto the next round or beat the match) is more important than getting a lot more eggs over the quota. In the end, you will receive bigger bonuses for completing the match vs risking the team not completing the round.

So, if toward the end of a round, madness ensues with bosses and enemies coming from everywhere (and trust me, as you start to get into "Over-achiever" and "ProFreshional" levels), I would say, if egg quota met, and 15 second or less on the clock, and the enemies are rushing the area like mad, RETREAT far away from it all! Yes, they will chase you, but odds are good that you can survive running around from the madness, saving your team. (BTW do levels go past Profreshional? I heard rumors of ProFreshional +5%, +10%, etc)

b) SAVE YOUR PLAYERS! If you see a player down, revive them ASAP! So they can help you win and so you dont lose the round with with 4 players down!

An exception to this is if a player is too far out or in the mix of pure horror, dont go in and risk your life to save theirs. ALSO, if you are down, move away from the madness into an open area where another player can revive you! They can bring you back to life too with a far away shot from a special weapon! Get out in the open so they can see u!

c) In later levels, when cannons are introduced, only use them if you know HOW to use them! And, if one person is already using one (and they are good), you don't really need 2 persons doing this. More important to be out in the field harvesting eggs while one good cannon shooter is blasting away!

d) On the levels with the falling cases from the mother ship, dont forget you need to shoot them BEFORE they touch the ground. In fact, if you see two or 3 of these in the air, shoot all 3 down, harvest an egg, then come back for the other eggs (or other players make take them back)

e) Don't forget to use your special! Try to save your special weapon for the (usually) hardest third round (I say usually, as Salmon Run mixes it up at times, making round 1 or 2 the hardest round). And, know WHEN to use it!

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