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Nintendo's Splatoon 2 another masterpiece, BUOYED by the new, "worth the price of the game

I'm a Splatoon addict. Have logged over 700 hours in the original 4 x 4 paint ball-like shooter created by the master-minds of Nintendo. Everything about this game, from the creative concepts of the game-play, to the colorful lol humor of the writing and art-direction, was (is!) perfect. How can they top this? 5 WORDS: Splatoon 2 and SALMON RUN Last night I got my copy of Splatoon 2, jumped right in, frantically played the newly designed turf-war levels, working hard to get myself up to level 10 to be able to play the even more addictive RANKED LEVEL modes. Then, I received a notification on my screen that some dude named GRIZZO wanted to speak to me about some part time work. Hmmmmm. Curiosity set in. This is when I entered Salmon Run, and, 12 hours later, I have played nothing else on Splatoon 2. Why? Because Salmon Run is a pure work of creative and game-play design genius, where 4 random persons online (or 2-4 local players) work together to harvest golden eggs for your new boss Grizzo while being attacked and annihilated by enemies, bosses and the environment around you. And let me tell you, it is wonderful gaming like you have never seen before. Describing it doesnt do it just, though take a look at it from my friends at GamExplain with the attached video (or just get a Switch and by Splatoon 2 pronto). The game starts off on the easier side, however, the more you level up, the more difficult the game becomes. I have leveled up only once in 12 hours, finding it tough to move onto the next level. Though, a sort of fun, just one more time toughness that keeps you coming back again and again. With an all new great single player campaign (that I started playing on Uber rides to and from places I visit; Switch as a portable console, I love you!), new maps, weapons, ranked level upgrades and SALMON RUN, SPLATOON 2, for $59.99, is worth $99.99 in the value it will give you for years, and solidifies my call two years ago as Splatoon being not only game of the decade, but franchise of the decade. Once again, a perfect score: 10/10

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